"What is in your magic show?"

To answer this question, often asked, I'll briefly describe a few magic routines on this page. Each routine is accompanied by a string of amusing gags and 'bits of business', so what you'll read here does not do justice to the entertainment impact of an actual performance. Also, please note that the magic described on this page represents only a small sampling of the more than fifty tricks I draw from.

I present either a thirty-minute or a forty-five minute show, as these are the time lengths most requested. I've presented one hour shows, but at children's parties and most adult functions, I find the thirty-minute or forty-five minute programs work very well. I'm what you might term a "mid-range" magician: I don't do the big illusion show, so you don't pay a "big illusion price!"

FULL INTERACTIVITY: A magic show allows plenty of direct audience participation. At birthday parties for example, the birthday child gets to come up and assist the magician in a five minute laugh-packed routine. You may take photos or video tape this segment of the show.

AN AMAZING ROPE ESCAPE: A volunteer is tied securely with ropes and scarves, as this composite photo illustrates. The ropes are tied to her wrists and around her waste. When the audience shouts the "magic word", two people pull hard on the ropes, and the volunteer suddenly steps free! She seems to literally "melt" through the ropes. --It must be MAGIC!

Photography is encouraged at any time during the show.

Your KEY to great entertainment is just a PHONE call away!

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