A Time for Magic!

Let the Fun Begin!

Each October near Halloween, I present a special Halloween Magic Show. It's my standard comedy program, except that special Halloween magic tricks are added for the occasion.

-- The Perfect Entertainment --

MAGIC is the perfect entertainment for Halloween parties, whether in your home or at the local community centre. The kids come dressed in costumes. The organizers create a great atmosphere by providing decorations and games, and for that important highlight, a PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN!

    In keeping with the occasion, I like to decorate my magic table with Halloween pictures, and I wear a special Halloween shirt my wife made. At this time of year, my shows are so much fun that my rabbit begs me to let him dress up as a black cat! But I can't persuade my doves to wear those cute tiny bat costumes I made for them.  Okay, so I'm lying! You caught me, I made up the part about the doves.

-- It's a Family Show! --
Rest assured that even preschoolers will enjoy the show as much as the the older children, as there are no actual "spooky" tricks of any kind.  Everything is done tongue-in-cheek with the accent on humor and full audience participation.

You probably can't tell from this page that my Halloween Magic Show is not the least bit scary.   I thought the photo of me below, in Dracula disguise, was pretty cool -- but don't take it too seriously! What scares me the most about this picture, is that I'm not even wearing any make-up!
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