The Wizard Harry Potter
“A Worldwide Internet Phenomenon”

My initial thought was that it might be cool to create a QUIZ based on the Harry Potter series of books and movies.

The first step with creating a quiz was to go out on the Internet and research the Harry Potter sites, in an effort to determine just what was out there. I was surprised to discover there are literally tens of thousands (if not millions!) of websites devoted to Harry Potter. In fact, so extensive are the number of sites, that I soon realized I would be "re-inventing the wheel" if I created my own quiz. There is nothing original I could present on Harry Potter here that hasn't been done by others on the Internet, all over the world. There are so many websites devoted to Harry Potter, that there is even a massive book advertised on the Internet that has evaluated and listed all of the very best of the many thousands sites.

I have decided instead, to re-direct people to the many original sites on the Internet, where you can have fun exploring all aspects of Harry Potter: quizzes, movie and book reviews, the latest Harry Potter news, crossword puzzles, commercial offerings of products related to J.K Rowling's fantasy masterpiece, fan sites, and so much more!

Simply to go Google or any other search engine, and type in "Harry Potter" -- and you'll find pages and pages of links to sites! Easier yet, I've done the work for you: click on the picture below and you'll be on your way...