--Specialty Magic for the Intimate Adult Audience --

Important note: I don't do any stereotypical ‘pick-a-card’ tricks we're all familiar with. Instead, my repertoire comprises some of the ultimate classics of card magic, gleaned from the best minds of top professional magicians throughout the world, and spanning more than a century of creative magical thinking.

I also employ only standard Bicycle brand playing cards you can buy from any retail outlet. In other words, the cards are guaranteed not to be gimmicked (i.e. they are not “trick cards”). They can be examined by anyone, at any time. Everything I do can also be done equally well with a borrowed deck of cards, providing they are in good condition. I will let you in on a little secret: Instead of using gimmicked "magic cards", I make liberal use of psychological misdirection, unseen sleight of hand, clever routining, and even outright lying to accomplish the magic! It is all done tongue-in-cheek of course, with the sincere objective of amazing people with the highest quality magic entertainment.

The Routines
Flash Ace Production: Four aces make their appearance in a dramatic and startling fashion – after an audience member has thoroughly shuffled the deck. Actually, there are literally dozens of ways the magician can reveal any number of cards in a manner that is cleverly calculated to blow minds.
The Traveling Cards: A number of cards travel both mysteriously and invisibly from one place to another, defying Mother Nature and the laws of common sense. You may see aces that are in different piles of cards reassemble themselves magically - even while these cards are held tightly in the hands of volunteers!
It Must Be Mental: A person is asked to merely think of a playing card, and this very same card is then sensationally revealed – by another person! Your friends, relatives, acquaintances and assorted enemies will refuse to believe you when you try to describe this to them later. Astonished people are quick to say, "Do that again!" ...Sorry, it can only be done once.
The Animated Card: A randomly selected card that is returned to the deck and lost, slowly rises from the pack at the command of the audience! Please Note: We employ no hidden motors, threads, elastics, invisible fairies, or bottles of helium to create this indisputably bizarre apparition.
You Do as I Do: I take half of the cards and give the other half to someone who is asked to do everything I do: Shuffle the cards, select a card, memorize it, and put it back into the other person's half-pack. Both selected cards mysteriously turn face up while the entire deck is being held tightly in the participant's hands! How spooky is this? Well, the last time I showed it to horror mystery writer Stephen King, he ran screaming from the room! (Would I lie to you?)
The Ambitious Card: A selected card seems to stubbornly and repeatedly rise to the top of the pack, no matter where (or how many times) it is buried into the pack and lost. Each successive appearance of this "ambitious" card becomes more mysterious and unbelievable. Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for those of a weak disposition who might go into shock.
Out of This World: A shuffled deck is shown to be thoroughly mixed. The cards are then handed 'faces down' to a person who is then asked to try to separate the black cards from the red cards by simply guessing the colours. The final tally of correct guesses will not only astonish you, but make you understand why this famous “psychic experiment ” has been acknowledged by magicians to be the world's greatest card trick!
Faster Than the Eye Can Blink: Two cards are displayed, and a member of the audience takes them and buries each one into different parts of the deck. The two cards suddenly fly into view faster than a speeding bullet! They are then held up vertically and displayed back-to-back. Suddenly they ‘spin around’ to become face-to-face, quicker than the speed of light! Albert Einstein would have loved this!
Ultimate Colour Control: Two cards chosen by two different people, are placed randomly back into the pack. The cards are then mixed thoroughly, losing the selected cards. A magical colour separation of the cards suddenly occurs – but with just one red card among twenty-five black cards [selection #1], and one black card among the other twenty-five red cards [selection #2]. If you go colour-blind watching this trick, don't blame me!
The Honest Gambler: A demonstration of gambler’s ‘cheating skills’ that provides a magical climax to a poker game. If you've ever wondered how sleight of hand can be used at the gambling tables (a very dangerous practice!), this demonstration will amaze you. They laughed at me in Las Vegas, but over at Frank’s Casino -- okay, okay, I’m kidding!
I’ll Read Your Mind: Several cards are chosen by a volunteer who is instructed to make the selections behind his or her back. The magician can be twenty feet away, blindfolded, or even in the next room. I will then attempt to “boldly go where no wizard has gone before”, by naming all of the selected cards. Organized religions have been founded on less!
The Gun: Just think of a card -- don’t even take it out of the deck. I then ‘twist’ the deck of cards into the shape of a gun (you have to see this!) and when everyone shouts “BANG!” the selected playing card immediately flies from the deck and high into the air. You’ll get a bang out of this!
The Magic Sword: A card is selected (what an original beginning!), shown around, and then lost in the deck. The cards are then wrapped into a piece of newspaper. I then take an ornate, fourteen-inch "golden sword" and thrust it deep into the side of the tightly packaged cards. When the package is ripped open, the selected card is found to be against the blade of the sword! Had the Wizard Merlin seen this flamboyant display of magical 'sword and sorcery', he would have abandoned wizardry and taken up astrology!
So there you have it: After the thirteen magic routines listed above have been capably demonstrated by yours truly (Larry Thornton), the 52 playing cards will be 'retired' and left behind to be completely examined by anyone. Believe it or not, these cards will still have enough “magic” left in them to play any number of rounds of your favourite card game!

What is this branch of magic is all about? ...Glad you asked!

There are many hundreds of magicians in the world performing highly inventive, fantastically imaginative card tricks -- but is the public generally aware of this fact? No! Most magic entertainment with playing cards is performed either by hobbyists (and mostly for each other!), or by top professional magicians who have become regular specialty entertainers for hotels, bars, restaurants, private parties, or trade shows. Magic with cards is usually categorized under "close up magic", a term that can also include tricks with coins, dice, and other small objects. Unlike conventional magic on the stage, close up magic involves intimate interactions with the audience, who become active participants in the magical process. Close up magic is a dynamic form of entertainment, where the magician is required to be spontaneous and quick-thinking under challenging and sometimes unpredictable situations.

The ideal conditions for the performance of close up magic are rarely met. At annual magicians' conventions or their monthly magic meetings, the close up entertainer has the luxury of working under near-perfect conditions. He may be seated at a table with attentive peers sitting around him. At the conventions, the wizard may work in small, intimate theatres for an audience of fifty or less people. Under 'real world' conditions however, the magician has to be adaptable to a malleable venue such as a boisterous bar or busy family restaurant. At corporate trade shows he employs close up magic to draw a crowd and/or promote a company's products at their booth; or he may work out among the patrons on the floor. Perhaps you've even seen the controversial young magician David Blaine ply his close up magic in his television specials, working for complete strangers out on the street! “Commando street magic” is Blaine's specialty.

One of magic's greatest "secrets" involves the little-known fact that magic with playing cards is a heavily-written art form! The amazing number of instructional magic books, magazines, video tapes, and DVD's could easily fill several rooms of a very large mansion. And yet -- 99 percent of the general public goes through their entire lives without encountering a magician performing professional quality magic with playing cards. Which brings me to my final point:

The message you've all been waiting for! If you and your friends would like to avoid being left in the backwaters of that "99 percent" of those unfortunate people who never get to experience the “The Poetry of Magic” (as magicians fondly call tricks with playing cards) -- then consider booking my services. I'm available for adult house parties, hospitality rooms, business luncheons, private meetings, backyard barbecues -- wherever people like to gather for a good time. My program is thirty minutes to an hour in length, and is adaptable for many social occasions.

For those who don't particularly care for card tricks (and who would admit to it?) I can also provide a magic program that includes items in addition to playing cards.

DID YOU KNOW.....? The World's Most Famous Escape Artist, HARRY HOUDINI, billed himself in his early career as "The King of Cards"!

To contact me: See the fan of cards in the picture below. Look very carefully at it and find the king of diamonds. Then click on this card. What? You can't find the king of diamonds? Move your mouse pointer carefully along the fan, and it will show up!

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