In the home. The living room, play room, basement family room.
In your back yard. Spring, summer and fall - weather permitting.
In public parks, day cares, schools, or community centres.
Name the place -- wherever you wish to have a party!

Weekends, week days, morning, afternoon or evening. In other words, anytime! I often get asked if I work Sundays.  The answer is YES!

Magic is highly interactive. A magic show allows direct audience participation, that challenges young intellects in a fun way! The show is filled with humour and amazement, with a constant, organized interplay between audience and performer. Audience participation means that the children are encouraged to shout out the magic words, laugh in all the right places, and provide critical feedback when things seem to “go wrong”. Television, by contrast, is a passive medium that doesn't allow the children to vent their energy in the way only live entertainment can.
The Birthday Child is the Star! The birthday child is selected to participate in a highly amusing five-minute comedy routine. The parents can videotape this entire segment, but not the whole show. Regular photography however, is encouraged at any time. At the conclusion of the program, the birthday child gets to be the first one to pet the rabbit (another marvelous picture taking opportunity), followed immediately by the rest of the children. Our rabbits have always been kept meticulously clean.

Less than you may think! The price of a professional birthday magic show depends upon the size of the group and its location. A show in the home will usually have the lowest price, while the fee for a slightly more elaborate party in a community hall, restaurant, park, or beyond the city limits, will be only slightly higher. The price also depends on the training, experience, and consequent professionalism of the entertainer. If you wish to have a high calibre magic show by an experienced and reliable entertainer who guarantees full satisfaction, the lowest-priced magician will not be the one to book! If you are not totally pleased with this program, the show will be free. You should feel under no obligation whatsoever to pay for entertainment you aren't completely happy with. 


YES and NO: I prefer audiences no younger than four to five years old. Understandably, I do not profess to hold the attention of babies and toddlers with magic. Each age group is given a magic show suited to their age and understanding. What about parties of young teenagers, and older? Many magicians shy away from doing parties for adolescents and teenagers. But the people of adolescent age and older who may think they are too sophisticated for “children's magic”, soon realize this magician is there not only to entertain them, but to make friends out of them! Audiences of all ages are treated with the utmost respect.

Adults at a birthday party are encouraged to enjoy the show along with the children. My birthday magic show has also been revised and adapted for all-adult audiences, in celebration of the 'birthday boy' turning 40, 50, or older! We were surprised to get requests for older birthday parties (since my advertising in the past has emphasized mainly children's shows), but they've turned out to be very successful. We're all young at heart when it comes to viewing good magic!

Magic can work well for any occasion. For example, at a recent wedding shower, the hostess expressed how much the women enjoyed the magic, and added that after seeing my show, she now wants me for other events. This proves once again that people of all ages enjoy magic that is performed in a professional manner.

For further information or any other inquiries, telephone Larry Thornton at 273-2934 (day or evening). If you prefer to use email for your initial contact, please include your telephone number and I will get back to you promptly.

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